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Allison Steele Enhanced Learning Cn/a

Schertz, TX | Guadalupe County


December 28, 2011

Allison Steele is an alternative school, many districts in Texas have these, surrounding areas such as Judson, Northeast and New Braunfels ISD have similiar types of programs. Make sure you are comparing alternative schools to alternative schools (apples to apples). Allison Steele rarely admits freshmen and there are strict guidelines to how quickly students can earn credits. It is impossible for a freshmen to graduate in months. I can't see how trying to keep kids in school is a joke.

September 18, 2011

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this school has 5 stars. Then I noticed only 3 people had rated it. This school is a cop out. It's where all the students that can't pass at their 'regular' high school are sent when they fail. The Schertz/Cibolo school district just wants to maintain their funding so instead of letting students drop out they send them to Allison Steele. I think it is totally unfair to students who spend all 4 years at Byron p Steele or Samuel Clemens to have former classmates graduating before them. These kids enter Allison Steele as freshmen and can graduate in just a few months. What a joke to our community.

May 13, 2008

This school is amazing! The princpal, staff and teachers are committed to helping these children succeed! My daughter has been attending since September of 2007 as a Junior, and yesterday she graduated. I have been impressed with the rapor the staff (especially the principal) has with the students!

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December 15, 2006

I've been to alot of schools over the years, but Allison Steele is by far the best school ever! I love every single teacher with all my heart, and Mr. Knox is the most caring man I have ever met! He and the teachers are really into the students and not just as far as school goes but they really know whats going on with each one of us on a personal level, you can't find that anywhere else! I would highly recommend this school to anyone! If it wasn't for this school and the great people working for it, I dont know where I would be! But I know I would most likely never have graduated! Thanks! -Jordan H.-

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October 27, 2006

Allison Steele is a great school with a super staff and principal. Without them and Mr. Knox, I would not have passed high school. I owe them my future. jeff

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